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  • As an International Student, you must purchase medical insurance through MSVU.
  • Medical insurance is essential – the cost of medical treatment in Canada for non-residents is high. Registered students are responsible for their own travel and medical insurance until the MSVU medical insurance plan begins on September 1, 2006 and whenever they leave Nova Scotia.
  • Our insurance provider is Guard Me Health Insurance and the cost will be approximately $600 for 12 months of coverage. The cost for families are higher. You will automatically be enrolled in and charged for Guard Me Health Insurance. You will receive your health insurance card during orientation or you can pick it up later in the health office.
  • After living in Nova Scotia for 13 consecutive months, you can apply for Medical Services Insurance (MSI), a provincial government service that provides hospital and basic medical care. MSI will only cover you for services within Nova Scotia and it must be renewed annually. International students covered by MSI must then purchase Students’ Union medical insurance (approximately $250 Canadian).
  • There is a university health service on campus with a nurse, doctors, physiotherapist, and massage therapist. If you do become ill while studying at MSVU, you should visit our health office. Our health office provides a warm and caring environment and staff know what is and what is not covered by your insurance policy.  You can make an appointment by going to the Health Office, Assisi Hall 2nd floor, or by calling 902-457-6354.
  • While our insurance policy is mandatory, you may choose to have additional coverage from your home country to cover additional medical costs such as prescription drugs. The following is a summary of what will be covered under your StudentGuard policy. You can visit their website to read about the policy in a language of your choice:

The Guard Me Policy is considered an emergency medical program and will not cover chronic conditions.

This Insurance policy covers you in case you become sick or injured while studying at MSVU, NOT if you were already sick or hurt in your home country. Guard Me will not pay for expenses for an illness or sickness that you already had before the start date of your policy.

If you, your insured partner or your insured child has a new sickness or injury that first occurs AFTER the start date of your policy, your policy will cover these expenses:


Doctor/PhysicianWe will pay for doctor's visits in a doctor's office or clinic for a new emergency condition. We will pay the doctor when you need to go to the Emergency Room.

Emergency Room (Only for emergencies)


When the doctor says you need to go to the hospital, or you need emergency medical care outside regular clinic or office hours, we will pay for treatment at an Emergency Room (ER) at the Hospital.

AmbulanceWhen you are unable to get to a hospital for an emergency condition, we will pay for an ambulance to take you there. You should take a taxi if possible.
Tests and X-rays

Physician ordered, emergency required testing (such as blood or urine tests)

or X-rays to diagnose your new condition will be covered. FOR OTHER


HospitalIf you need to stay in the hospital, We will pay for most hospital costs.

We will pay up to $300 Canadian dollars for dental work for the relief of acute

pain and suffering.

Accidental Dental

If you are hit in the mouth or are in an accident and your own teeth are

damaged, we will pay up to $2500 Canadian dollars to repair or replace those



If you or your insured spouse become pregnant AFTER your insurance start

date, pre-natal care, childbirth and newborn care are covered up to a total

max. of $20,000. You must have insurance for the entire pregnancy.

Prescription MedicinesIf you go to a doctor for a new emergency condition and you are given a   prescription to go to the drug store to buy medicine from the pharmacist, we will pay for the medicine up to a maximum 30-day supply. We will NOT pay for refills of medications

This is a brief summary of benefits only. Full details on benefits, exclusions and limitations are found in the Guard Me policy booklet available from your International Student Advisor or Guard Me. Policies may also be downloaded from the University/College Policy Information section of the StudentGuard website (

What is not covered?
The website information provides a summary of exclusions ONLY, please read YOUR Policy carefully for complete details.

There is no coverage for:

• Contact lenses and Glasses
• Treatment to maintain an ongoing or chronic condition (such as high blood pressure)
• Medication to treat or maintain an ongoing or chronic condition (such as high blood pressure)
• Pre-existing conditions (please refer to the policy for details)
• Plastic or cosmetic surgery or procedures
• Any expenses rendered before coverage starts or after coverage has expired
• Medical services provided in your home country
• Extreme activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving etc.
• Medications available without prescriptions (over-the-counter or OTC medicines)
• Any treatment required due to alcohol or drug abuse.
• Tests to diagnose a non-emergency or chronic related illness or sickness.