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Baseline Survey of Teacher Performance, Parent and Student Attitude and Achievement


University Project Leader: DrAndrew Manning and Dr. Alan Dawe


Country: Trinidad and Tobago


Description: The Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) is working toward creating a seamless education system from early childhood through tertiary education to enable citizens of T&T to progress smoothly from one level of education to the next, obtaining the education and training that best meets their abilities and interests and which helps to position them for future employment. The Baseline Survey project is aimed at improving the quality and relevance of the Early Childhood Education and Primary and Secondary Education programs and to ensure that any proposed changes will advance the Ministry of Education's efforts to create a seamless education system.


Using a Collaborative Multidisciplinary Approach to Promote Improved Quality of Life for Children, Youth and Vulnerable Populations in Nairobi, Kenya


University Project Leader: Dr. Mary Jane Harkins

Country: Kenya 


Description: This Project touches on all of the CIDA's priority themes (Increasing food security, securing the future of children and youth and promoting sustainable economic growth), with the overall objective of improving the quality of life for children, youth and vulnerable populations (especially women and girls) in Nairobi, Kenya. It engages 4 Departments at MSVU and our overseas partner organization - Kenyatta University. The Departments include: Education, Early Childhood Studies, Food, Nutrition and Dietetics and, Women and Gender Studies.


Certificate in Mathematics Teaching - Pilot Project


University Project Leader: Dr. Andrew Manning

Country: Belize 

Description: This Pilot Project was designed to support teachers in Belize to enact a more child centred pedagogy using manipulative materials to teach mathematics in primary school. Data will be gathered during the pilot to determine project success and possible country-wide in the following year.      


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