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Welcome to the International Projects Website

Our suite of services expands from general assistance during application submission for individual consultant projects to sourcing, bidding and proposal preparation of large multi-consultant, multi discipline projects. We want to be the first ones that come to mind when you think about International Projects. 


Here is what other Mount Faculty members say about us

Stan Orlov, the Mount's System Librarian:

When Terri Miltion, our Curriculum Resource Centre Coordinator, forwarded to me a message from Dr. Saad Chahine from the Education department about a contracting opportunity to design and deliver a training for public librarians in Moldova, I had no idea how to proceed. The idea of negotiating a contract and making necessary arrangements was frightening. However, once I met with Ute Fiedler, the International Programs Coordinator, I felt an immense relief. Ute took care of the countless organizational details, so I and my colleagues - Dr. Alla Kushniryk from the Communications department and Zhanna Barchuk from Education - could concentrate on the project itself. With so many things being taken care of, we delivered a great product that was very well received by the client.


Cornelia Schneider, Mount Faculty member in the Faculty of Education:

 The International Office has been instrumental in building a collaboration between MSVU, Faculty of Education, and Partners in Education Roatán (PIER) in Honduras. They have supported the writing of the grant application. When we were successful to get the funding, we were able to send interns for six months to Roatán who were working with PIER on projects supporting nutrition, science education and literacy on the island. During the internships, the support and backup offered by them was tremendous, and it contributed to the success of the project. I am looking forward to next steps of the Honduras project, as I know that I have a team in the International Office that I can count on for those endeavours.