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The Mount has an international Programs Office in place, whose role inter alia is to monitor and ensure that international projects by the Mount are ethical, well executed and efficiently managed.


In addition, the Mount has an effective and flexible accounting system with experience handling and managing large scale international projects. Our accounting system provides information for reporting of transactions on project activities monthly and on demand, including the person-days worked in each activity and related reimbursable items. Furthermore, throughout the execution of all phases of our projects, the Mount places particular emphasis on monitoring of processes, including:


*Information management – all team members are required to regularly submit to the Project Lead summaries of the results of their work and findings


*Quality management – at each phase of the project, progress of each activity is measured against stated objectives; and


*Client participation – creating mechanisms to ensure close cooperation and open communications with the client and other stakeholders, including frequent informal consultations in addition to formal reports.


The Mount has a multi-decade history of partnerships in the Caribbean and all over the world. Our work over the past ten years has allowed us to develop solid local partnerships that have helped us in improving our own institution.

Our teams that we assemble for each individual project understand that the best solutions are those that come from a deep understanding of the aims and objectives of the client, taking into account past and current practices and involving, wherever possible, local expertise.


 For a complete listing of projects please contact the International Projects Office.