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About our Office:

The International Projects Office (IPO), in partnership with other departments at the Mount (including the International Education Centre) is tasked with the primary role of expanding the Mount's engagement in international education all over the WORLD... which stands for:

W- Welcome

Are you interested in exploring opportunities to apply your expertise in development projects? The International Projects Office (IPO) is always here for you! 

O- Opportunities

Many opportunities are waiting for you! Look at some of our past projects or contact IPO for more information. 

R- Reciprocal

Learning is a mutual process, and the IPO is dedicated to listening to and to learning from all people we work with in order to constantly improve our services.  

L- Learning

Mutual learning is the heart of the International Projects Office's activities.

D- Development

Contribute your expertise and gain experience as a consultant.  Check out our stories of people who have participated in international projects.