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Helping you support your students

As a high school guidance counsellor, you play an integral role in helping students decide if higher education is right for them. Success of the students is influenced in large by the services available to them and the support they receive from family, friends, and school staff. For many students, the first step toward university success is a visit with you, their school guidance counsellor. This page is designed to offer you easy access to important admissions and student application information for the Mount.

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School Counsellor Symposium »

Every year, the Mount hosts an annual professional development day for high school counsellors. Our faculty and staff facilitate professional development sessions on issues that are relevant to your profession. Explore the School Counsellor Symposium page to discover this great event and familiarize yourself with our beautiful campus, our knowledgeable faculty and staff and the diverse and specialized programs that the Mount has to offer.

Contact Us

To learn more about the Mount, or to see if the recruitment team will be in your area, please contact us at or phone (902) 457-5540.