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Grant HatcherMount student actively involved in research

Grant Hatcher is involved in the field of Psychology in ways he never thought possible. From the small village of Neil’s Harbour, Nova Scotia, Grant quickly discovered that Mount Saint Vincent University offers more than just classroom education. 

Grant recently became involved in Psychology research at the Mount. Grant assists Dr. Angela Birt with her research on eyewitness memory. Specifically, the research involves assessing the impact of emotional experiences, such as crimes, on memory accuracy and has potential implications for police investigations.

He is also one of two students assisting Dr. Paul Brunet in investigating the relationship between personality traits and Internet use. Research on this topic is uncommon so the project will allow for an understanding on the effects of using the Internet. Grant feels that the experience is worthwhile. “Psychology is research; or at least a big part of it. It’s fun to think that I am contributing to discoveries. I hope to carry out my own research projects, so any prior experience will help.”

The Mount provides undergraduate students with hands-on experience by encouraging them to assist in research conducted by faculty. The Mount’s practical education is preparing Grant for the world of psychology. “I fell in love with Psychology in my first year at the Mount. It is a new science, which means there is still a lot to be discovered.”

After being accepted into the Mount’s Science program, Grant received the Nova Scotia Power Entrance Scholarship and the Mount’s Entrance Scholarship for a grant total of 15,200. “I felt happy and proud that my hard work had paid off, but most importantly, I was thankful that the Mount offered me this opportunity.” 

Grant hopes to someday be a psychologist. He feels that the profession would allow him to give back, but already recognizes the importance of contributing to his community. In his hometown, Grant coaches a junior basketball team, as well as golf. 

Grant knows that time spent at the Mount will prepare him for his future. “The Mount offers a great education, which I feel will give me the tools to apply myself in the field of Psychology and in my community.” In the competitive world of graduate school, Grant is confident that the Mount experience will help him achieve all his dreams. From a small fishing village, Grant appreciates the small campus and community atmosphere the Mount offers. “Coming from a community 600 times smaller than Halifax, I appreciate the Mount’s small campus. You know the students, the professors, the campus; and you feel like you can just relax here, whether you are in the library, the gym, or the lab.”