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About the Advancement Office:

The University Advancement (UA) team at Mount Saint Vincent University is all about relationships. Working with alumni, donors, and community members to help give back to the Mount. You can contact the Alumnae Office to speak to our staff about direct fund-raising and support the Mount's goal.

Contact Us:

D.Green MountDenise Green

Executive Director

Tel: 902.457.6494 



Anne Thibodeau Manger of DevelopmentAnne Thibodeau

Manager, Philanthropy

Tel: 902.457.6270  



Beth Arsenault, Manager of Stewardship, Events, and Special Projects

Beth Pyesmany Arsenault

Manager, Stewardship, Events & Operations

Tel: 902.457.6433


 Lori Lancaster Manger Alumnae Engagement and Giving

Lori Lancaster

Manager, Alumnae Engagement

Tel: 902.457.6340


Erin Patrick Administrative AssistantErin Patrick

Advancement / Office Administrator

Tel: 902.457.6470


 Maggie Green Interim Advancement Project Officer

Maggie Green

Interim Advancement Project Officer (Contract)

Tel: 902.457.6764

Meghan Bolhuis Records Assistant

Meghan Bolhuis

Advancement Coordinator

Tel: 902.457.6790


Rachel Crozier Advancement Services AdministratorRachel Crozier

Advancement Services Analyst

Tel: 902.457.6762