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Common University Data


Common University Data Set, 2013

It takes time to research and decide on the right school for you. That is why Mount Saint Vincent University (the Mount) is committed to providing the public with information about the University. The Mount is a small university with a reputation for academic excellence. As a Mount student you will know your professors’ names and they will know yours.

The following dataset examines a variety of areas such as enrolment, class size, faculty, tuition, residence, as well as many others. To learn even more about the Mount we encourage you to take a more in-depth look at our website.

The Mount is a community where you will be welcomed, supported and challenged. Come for a campus visit to see if the Mount is the right fit for you!

A. General InformationB. Admission
1. Address information
2. Credentials awarded
3. Degrees conferred by program
4. Male enrolment by program
5. Female enrolment by program
6. Total enrolment by program
6b. Non-degree students 
7. Full-time enrolment by immigration status
1. Full-time first-year first-time registrants by degree 
2. Undergraduate program admission requirements
3. Secondary school averages of full-time first-year students 
     by range and degree
4. Application fees
5. Admission in winter, spring, summer terms 
6. Deferred admission
C. Transfer Admission from Other Postsecondary InstitutionsD. Library Collections
1. Enrolment of transfer students
2. Transfer students
3. Transfer credit policies
1. Library Collections
E. Student LifeF. Student Experience
1. Residence for first-time first-year undergraduate students 
2. Percentage of full-time undergraduate students who live 
3. Extracurricular activities offered
4. Housing
1. Results from NSSE (National Survey of Student 
     Engagement), 2008
2. Results from the CGPSS (Canadian Graduate 
     Professional Student Survey) 
3. Results from the CUSC (Canadian University 
     Survey Consortium)
G. Annual Student ExpensesH. Instructional Faculty and Class Size
1. Tuition, ancillary fees, room/board, and other expenses
1. Number of instructional faculty members
2. Undergraduate class size by year level
I. University Revenue and ExpensesJ. Research
1. University revenue
2. University expenses
1. Research awards by granting council
K. Other Useful Information
1. Academic plans
2. Seven-year graduate rate
3. Retention rate


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