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B1 - Full-time First-year First-time Registrants by Degree, 2014

DegreeNumber of Registrants
Bachelor of Arts107
Bachelor of Arts (Child & Youth Study)39
Bachelor of Business Administration21
Bachelor of Public Relations45
Bachelor of Science39
Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition23
Bachelor of Science Communications1
Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management9


B2 - Undergraduate Program Admission Requirements

The following URL will link you to Mount Saint Vincent University's Undergraduate Academic Calendar which will provide you with information on the universities’ programs, including admission requirements:


B3 - Secondary School Averages of Full-Time, First-Year Students by Range and Program, 2014 (%)

Bachelor of Arts312212514178
Bachelor of Arts (Child & Youth Study)3533391082
Bachelor of Business Administration51424143309
Bachelor of Public Relations92222202520
Bachelor of Science33128208100
Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition4223926900
Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management022332211011
Bachelor of Science Communications010000000

B4 - Application Fees

Academic Level$
Undergraduate       30    
Bachelor of Education40



B5 - Admission in Winter, Spring, Summer Terms

Are first-year students accepted for terms other than the fall?
(Please note that acceptance for terms other than fall may vary by program.)



B6 - Deferred admission


Does your institution allow students to postpone enrolment after admission?
(Please note that the policy on deferred admission may vary by program.)

If yes, maximum period of postponement:1 Year


If you have any questions or comments please contact:

Tracey MacDonald, Institutional Analyst
Phone: 902-457-6395