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 Sharing the stories of our community

 We have wonderful stories to tell at the Mount and we are dedicated to sharing them with the world.
 A wide range of experts are available to speak on topics such as parenting, aging, social policy, politics,
 and small business. Contact us to learn more.

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Welcome to our news archive. We also invite you to stay up-to-date with our most recent news.

July 17, 2017
The buzz on campus: Honeybee hive installed at the Mount

A honeybee hive has been installed on the Mount campus. The initiative will mean learning opportunities for all, as well as specific opportunity for nutrition and biology students.

July 12, 2017
Sustaining ecosystems: Uncovering the intricacies of fungi-plant relationships

Mount Professor Dr. Gavin Kernaghan collaborates on a $250,000 grant from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

July 9, 2017
Mount faculty and students helping to address the topic of obesity

CON-SNP MSVU is a vibrant student-led Canadian Obesity Network chapter that organizes evidence-based events designed to bring together local academics, students, health professionals and community members.

July 7, 2017
It’s wonderful to be here: A message from the Mount's new President and Vice-Chancellor

"I am very grateful to have the opportunity to join the Mount community. So much about what the Mount is and what it stands for appeals to me." -- Dr. Mary Bluechardt

July 6, 2017
The power of knowledge: Mount librarian nurtures critical thinking skills and confidence

New Librarian at the Mount nurtures critical thinking skills and confidence in students

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