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Fair Treatment

Harassment and Discrimination

The Mount is committed to providing and maintaining an environment that promotes the dignity of human beings.  The Harassment and Discrimination Policy prohibits harassment and discrimination and affirms that all members of the Mount Community have the right to participate in activities at the Mount without fear of discrimination or harassment.

The Mount's Harassment and Discimination Policy & Procedures Handbook describes the policy and procedures at the Mount for easy reference for Faculty, Staff and Students.  All employees of the Mount are responsible for reading and undersatnding the Harassment and Discrimination Policy.


There are two types of harassment recognized under the Mount's Harassment and Discrimination Policy: Sexual Harassment and Personal Harassment.

Personal harassment consists of two types:

Harassment based on prohibited grounds under the Human Rights Act.

This type of harassment in the workplace is based on prohibited grounds of discrimination listed in the Act including harassment based on age; race; colour; religion; creed; sex; sexual orientation; physical or mental disability; irrational fear of contracting an illness or disease; ethnic, national or aboriginal origin; family status; marital status; source of income; political belief, affiliation or activity; gender identity; or an individual's association with another individual or class of individuals having characteristics referred to above.

Harassment that is not based on any ground listed in the Human Rights Act.

This kind of harassment is not limited to harassment based on the grounds listed in the Act.  Harassment that is not based on any ground listed in the Act includes behaviour directed toward a specific person or persons that would be considered, by a reasonable person, as creating an intimidating, humiliating, or hostile work or learning environment and includes, but is not limited to:  physical assault; communication that is abusive or offensive, indluing threatening, yelling, bullying, ridiculing, and/or derogatory comment, that negatively impacts Mount work, studies, or participation in the Mount community.  It includes behaviour that denies an individual or individuals their dignity and respect and that adversely affects the working or learning environment.

The Role of the Harassment and Discrimination Advisor

The Mount appoints a Harassment and Discrimination Advisor who reports directly to the President.  The Advisor will carry out the duties of the office in a confidential, fair and impartial manner, consistent with the principles of natural justice and due process.

The Role of Human Resources/Others

Any person who believes s/he is being harassed or discriminated against may discuss the incident with either their Supervisor, their department head/Director/Dean; Human Resources or the Harassment and Discrimination Advisor; and - if unionized - seek support from their Union.  Parties are entitled to have a support person of their choice attend any meetings regarding a complaint. 

Students seeking further information about this process should contact Counseling Services

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