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How do we read the world?

Mount Saint Vincent University (the Mount) is proud to present Literacies as Ways of Knowing: A series of speakers, workshops and public events that will examine the question, "How do we read the world?" The series has been planned in partnership with a number of university and community organizations with a goal of fostering diverse understandings of "literacy". Each session will welcome participation from practitioners, policy makers and members of the broader community with special interest in literacy.


Sessions will explore the many ways we interpret literacy; how it is defined, what it looks and sounds like, how various forms and mediums of literacy affect our lives, and what new actions and partnerships can be developed to promote literacy across our community. Sessions will include the latest research, and will speak to our roles as educators, students, researchers and citizens in how we create and perceive the texts, contexts and sub-texts of daily life. See our schedule »


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