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Evaristus at night 

Introducing Sully: The Sustainable Crow


Sully has called the Mount home for more than a decade. Sully means “keen eye”, and so Sully has become the ambassador for all things 'green' at the Mount. Sully is serious about the environment, and he strives to promote environmental consciousness and sustainable practices.

Crows, all 31 species of them, are able to count and are known for their intelligence and resilience, being adaptable to many environments. Sully is a suitable promoter of the Mount’s sustainability program, not just because he's a crow, but because crows have chosen to call the Mount campus home for many years.

Crows are very social and live in family groups of up to 15 and usually averaging four per group. But not at the Mount - there are many families of crows that can be seen gathering on the many grand trees at dusk. It has been estimated that up to 7,500 crows call the Mount's many acres of campus home.

So this is why Sully has been deemed the Sustainable Crow. Crows are a cherished part of our campus and community, and provide an interesting talking point among visitors to campus.

Sully can be found on friendly reminders across campus, and his 'stamp of approval' - the crow foot - is placed on events or initiatives that involve 'being green'.