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AMMP 2018


Welcome to the Advanced Management & Mentoring Program:

We're taking applications for our 2018 AMMP series, and invite your to consider joining us for a series that will act as a virtual advisory board for your business, complete with skills training developed to meet you wherever you are in the evolution and growth of your company.

AMMP addresses the reality that women business owners are confronted with complex challenges and opportunities. Our series operates from the perspective that women need to be coached, mentored, and have opportunities to participate in skills development.  In AMMP, that development focuses on defining best practices, introducing customized solutions, maximizing growth potential, and catalyzing innovation and profitability.

Participants will be placed in the series that best suits their current entrepreneurial status.


1. Strategic Growth Plan & Acquiring the Skill Set to Implement It

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2. A Deeper Dive into the Skill Set Required to Execute a Competitive Strategic Growth Plan: 

A consideration of practical case studies from participant entrepreneurs

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3. How to Build Systems, Processes and Key Performance Indicator Measurements - Scaling a viable business to leverage growth

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4. Capital Quest:  How to Build the Right Infrastructure to Attract Debt Capital & Investors         

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What  participants say:

NOTE: Gutter area that will be only visible to admins

Introductory AMMP:    
Nov. 14, 2014                                  
Jan. 8, 2015                                     
Feb. 12, 2015                             
March 12, 2015                               
April 9, 2015                                        
May 14, 2015                                     
June 11, 2015

Intermediate AMMP:   

Nov. 21, 2014
Dec. 19, 2014                                   
Jan. 16, 2015                                   
Feb. 20, 2015                              
March 20, 2015                                
April 17, 2015                                        
May 15, 2015                                       

Senior AMMP:

Dec. 2, 2014                                    
Jan. 30, 2015                                     
Feb. 27, 2015                              
March 27, 2015                                
April 24, 2015                                        
May 22, 2015