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High Growth Program (AMMP)

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The Centre for Women in Business is pleased to announce our High Growth Programming for 2019. This year round program offers women business owners in the high growth phase of business the support needed to reach greater heights. 

High Growth Program 2019 Highlights Include: 

Business Advisories: Our CWB High Growth Specialist, Laurie Sinclair offers one-on-one advisories to women business owners scaling for growth. As the Women President's Organization Chapter Chairperson for all four Atlantic Provinces, Laurie is the ideal CWB Business Advisor to discuss your hot button high growth challenges. 

AMMP Programming: The Centre for Women in Business is well known for our Advanced Management & Mentoring Programs. AMMP has a proven direct impact on the management skills of the business owner and the bottom line. 
Offered only once per year, these ten month cohorts fill up fast! 

High Growth Retreat: CWB's Pan-Atlantic retreat for women in the high growth phase of business development is becoming an annual favourite. 

Contact Business Advisor, Laurie Sinclair for details. 


Advanced Management and Mentoring (AMMP) participants meet monthly, over a ten month period, for a full-day of business skills training and master mind sessions to:
  • Develop skills to scale a viable business model for accelerated growth.  Business owners will build and implement a strategic growth plan designed to scale their business up in size, revenue, profitability, innovativeness and competitiveness. 
  • The client participates in a diagnostic assessment to identify the current status of the business, a vision is mapped out for each business to define their goals and objectives, and an analysis is performed to identify the gaps between the current status and the vision. The strategic growth plan is designed to fill these gaps and facilitate the business reaching the vision.  The curriculum is customized based on the individual businesses in each program.
  • In addition to the workshop curriculum, each month time is spent on a peer-to-peer advisory board session, drawing upon the entrepreneur’s experiences to develop actionable business managerial skills.  Participants identify specific challenges and opportunities they are facing in their business and collaborate on best practices, resources, learned outcomes and practical experiences that can be used to impact business growth. 
  • Depending on the AMMP level the participants are working on, competencies learned include actionable revenue driving strategies and internal management strategies and tools, including leadership development, effective decision making, financial management effectiveness, competitive positioning and enhancements, brand development, innovation best practices, HR tools and tactics and much more.
AMMP has a proven direct impact on the management skills of the business owner and the bottom line.

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