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A Q&A with Alison Knott, Eraserheader Design

CWB Alison Knott owns Eraserheader Design, a web consultancy that helps organizations find measurable, tangible solutions for online success. From website revamps to brand design, her mission is "to set you free from technical and logistical constraints, so you can get back to business." You can find Eraserheader on the CWB Business Directory, Here. 

Q: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

A.Completing projects with other people. What I do has nothing to do with products or selling something, all of my work requires collaboration with my clients. What gets me out of bed is knowing that I am responsible for someone else’s success and outcomes.

 Q.Tell me a time you were up against your edge and what you did about it.

A. As my business started to grow I started having issues with my scalablity. I was getting bigger clients with bigger needs and I couldn’t service them all, or couldn’t service the complexity of their issues alone. This is when I started looking into working with sub-contractors who I could trust to carry my brand forward and work collaboratively with me to deliver the level of results I expect.

Q. What does success look like for you?

A. Success for me is all about retaining clients. It is great to have a lot of clients, but I am not looking for quick one-off solutions. My role is to become an intrinsic part of my clients’ ongoing success. Long term clients allow me to focus less on business development, and more on delivering solutions. It also allows me to schedule my time better and project my business work flow.

Q. What is your entrepreneurial super power? 

A. My super power is to find the gaps where other digital professionals are missing out. Not only do I take on web and digital problems that others can’t or will not solve, I also get out into the community and make personal connections. I look to develop relationships with potential clients others in my field don’t consider.

Q. Who are your allies and how/when do you look for support?

A. I make sure that I move in many circles, as I believe it is important to stay connected with a diverse community. That being said, I find that all of my closest allies and supporters are women. I look to women in business that have been in business longer than me, and women in a variety of businesses. When I need a sounding board for industry related challenges, I look to other women peers in tech.

Q. What was your Best Day Ever in business (so far!)

A. My best day ever was when I presented at the Social Media Day Halifax conference. The room was filled to capacity with people who really wanted to learn. I drew on all my experience as an educator and a professional. I felt like I nailed my audience and gave them exactly what they needed - and landed quality clients directly after that presentation!

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