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It’s Time to Get a Video Marketing Strategy Together

June 8, 2017                                                                                                                               

Tina Capalbo| Lift Communication

CWB guest blog - LiftComms (recorded and live video)Are you already posting original videos on your Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter? If you’re putting it off, it’s time to get a video marketing strategy together for your business because the bandwagon’s rolling, and it’s building momentum quickly.

These days, your marketing plan has to include video content.

To understand why video’s become crucial, it’s important to know what’s happening in the digital landscape right now:

First, we have to understand that video marketing and smart phones go hand-in-hand. Almost everyone uses a smart phone these days. And the number of mobile devices is expected to double from 15 billion in 2015 to 31 billion in 2020 worldwide. That number is expected to double again by 2024, according to an IHS Markit report.

This is a game changer for small business marketing.

Not only is the number of mobile devices exploding worldwide, but we’re also glued to our phones. On average, our total browse time per month on smartphones is already much higher than on desktop computers. If we look at monthly browsing, users in the US spend 87 hours browsing on mobile versus 34 hours on desktop, and in the UK users browse for 66 hours on mobile versus 29 hours on desktop. (source: comScore 2016 US Mobile App Report)

What does this have to do with video marketing?

This shift to mobile media is showing us that rather than browsing or searching Google on a desktop computer, we’re doing our browsing and information gathering using the apps on our phones, and that this trend will only grow. Much of our browsing time is already spent watching videos on our social networking apps. And according to Ericsson's 2015 mobility report, as much as 70% of the mobile data traffic will be video content by 2021.

The shift to mobile is led by younger smart phone users, whose video use skyrocketed on social media networks in 2016 with 91% of Millennial and Gen Z users (aged 13 to mid-30s) consuming an average of about 6 hours of video content every week on social media (source: Defymedia's Youth Video Diet report).

Is this relevant to my target market? They’re older!

It isn’t just young people choosing Twitter over the evening news, YouTube over cable TV, Facebook over entertainment magazines, and mobile devices over desktop computers. People of every age are binge watching entire seasons of their favourite shows on video streaming services like Netflix, Shomi and CraveTV.

But what does binge watching Games of Thrones or The Walking Dead have to do with how we market our small businesses online?

Even though our Netflix binges account for a lot of the time we spend watching video online, that isn’t the whole story. The current shift to mobile and video streaming has changed the way networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter rank and boost the visibility of video content posted on their sites. And it’s changed the way all of us engage on social networks. Simply put, we consume more video content than any other type.

These changes directly affect how businesses need to market their products and services online. While the mobile, video-hungry digital landscape presents a few challenges, it offers even bigger opportunities.

Small business owners have to embrace video marketing now.

Most social networks already favour video content heavily, and especially live video. Instagram has always been a visual network, but videos get more than twice as much engagement as photos. Facebook has been very transparent about their algorithms ranking and boosting video higher in Newsfeed and in their notifications, especially live videos or original videos uploaded directly to Facebook. On Twitter, your uploaded videos can be up to 60 seconds long or you can live stream for as long as you like, using Twitter’s Periscope integration. But going live isn’t for everyone.

Small business owners who feel camera-shy or nervous onscreen can put together interesting videos with their smart phone and video apps, using photos, transitions, a logo, and licensed or royalty-free graphics and music. If you decide to plan, record, edit and upload videos, you don’t have to worry about being live, about your hair, or lack of hair, the dark circles under your eyes, or the lighting in your space.

But have you noticed…? Even if we take ‘live video’ out of the equation, there’s still one thing stopping most business owners:

“I don’t know what to say.”

I call shenanigans. You run a business, and you do know what to say. But before you can figure out what to say on video, you have to commit. So first, decide when you’re going to upload your video (or when you’re going to ‘go live’) on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and put that date and time in your schedule. Then, get busy…

Plan and create your video.

1. Ask yourself: What problems are my customers trying to solve right now?

2. List a few problems. Make a short list.

3. Choose one. Focus on one specific problem, and identify it clearly at the beginning of your video.

4. Be conversational. Think of your video as a conversation with one customer, focusing on one specific problem they need to solve.

5. Give one specific tip, idea, solution, or piece of advice in your video.

6. Be warm and confident about your value. You (and only you) have a unique combination of skills, knowledge, experience and perspective to offer.

7. Provide a statistic or a quick anecdote about feedback from a happy customer if you can. It will make your video more persuasive.

8. Sign off with a helpful Call-to-Action – use only one. Asking your viewers to leave a comment or question can lead to a longer conversation and a deeper connection. Providing a link to more information on your website can be helpful too. Be helpful.

9. Then, go back to your short list, (see #2 above) and plan your next video.

In a nutshell: Your video is all about serving your customer! Focus on their problem. Be conversational. Bring value. Leave something helpful behind when you sign off. I’d love to see the videos you create! If you’d like to tag me (Tina!) @LiftComms on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I’d love to see your new video creations!

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