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Investing in Your Most Important Business Relationship

March 2, 2017

Gail Godreau Lighthouse Wellness Strategies 

_Gail-Godreau_headshotWe’re nearing the end of February. The month generally associated with the heart, and with love. In particular, romantic love. And, we’ve recently come through Valentine’s Day and you’ve likely seen plenty of messaging about showing others how much you care about them. Great – that is  important.

However, whether you have a spouse or partner or not, please read on, because this is for you.

Let’s talk about your most important relationship – whether in your business / career or in your life. It is your relationship with yourself!

 I invite you to shift attention and focus on you – to how much (and how) you care for yourself.

You may ask: “Isn’t that selfish?” The answer is no, not a bit!

To build a strong relationship with others, you first need a strong relationship with yourself! Yes, folks, this is a TWEETABLE.

What is it that YOU want?

• In your relationship with a spouse or partner?

• In your relationship with your children?

• In your most valued friendships? (I mean the REAL ones, not the social media types.)

• In your business or career?

This last one is especially important because, if we are not thriving in our work, chances are very good we’re not prospering in our life! >> Go ahead and TWEET this if it speaks to you! <<

So many people – especially women – are working so hard to find “work-life balance!” In fact, I suggest that there is no such thing, which is why I’ve built my business helping clients find greater “Work-Life Integration!” Do you see the difference? One is about sharing our time and energy between two separate parts of us (work and life, as if they truly could be separated!) and the other is about finding a way to blend – or INTEGRATE – the two pieces.

Especially in this 24/7/365 world we live in today, there really is no hard separation between the two – but there is great opportunity to find a way for the two to work in harmony, and to move us toward our goals and dreams.

But, before we try to integrate these two aspects of our world, it is important to first take a look and ensure that what comprises our Work and our Life are, in fact, what we want. To do otherwise is kind of like tidying up a house or our office, finding “a place for everything and everything in its place,” only to find out that we don’t even LIKE the items we’ve so carefully tucked away. Or, worse, that they’re not even OURS!

So, how do we look at our Work and Life and determine what “belongs to us” and, in the words of Marie Kondo (of the KonMari method of organizing), what “sparks joy?” It is a process.  It requires some introspection and honesty. But it is definitely doable!As with any worthwhile journey, the most important step is the first step – you have to START!

And, as with most worthy endeavours, it’s best to have support. Would you like some support to make this happen for yourself? If so, contact me for a Complimentary Work-Life Integration & Prosperity Call to help you identify your best Work and Life and achieve greater Work-Life Integration!

Also,  hop over to and grab our FREE “10 Steps to Greater ‘Work-Life Integration’!” Tip Sheet.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

In Shared Prosperity,


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