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I Eat Out of My Purse:

Confessions of an Entrepreneurial Woman

June 1, 2017                                                                                                                                

Maggie Rossiter| Liv It Fit

Maggie RossiterReally?

Busy women eat out of their purse?

That’s what I’m told, believe it or not, and it’s true.

Several of my clients have told me that some days, they don’t have time to stop and eat, let alone eat something healthy.

Picture your body as a car. To get a car going and to keep the car going, it needs fuel, and so do you. We burn fuel too. It’s food.

Here’s what we know: A normal, otherwise healthy woman will require about 1100 calories a day (age and size and a few other variables apply) just to keep her head up.

We won’t even talk yet about the fuel you need to be a champion of business.

Your brain and your reflexes slow down when you’re hungry. You’re an entrepreneurial woman (AKA superwoman), you need to be sharp and on top of your game at all times.

The nature of our bodies dictates that we must be fed at fairly regular intervals, which gives us a degree of control over our mental sharpness and our moods.

Set the tone for your day by stocking up on quality contents for your purse and you’re now at the helm of your day.

We know with a high degree of certainty that the inescapable truth is we will be hungry again. Our bodies will drive us to replenish the depleted energy stores. Our brains are fuelled by glucose (known as our “blood sugar” level).

Our bodies usually maintain our blood sugar levels at a fairly steady rate when given the right nutrition. However, just before a meal when we feel very hungry we may experience “brain fog” because our blood glucose levels have dropped fairly low (we’ve run out of fuel temporarily).

The next time you feel really hungry try adding up a long column of 10 or more numbers, it’s not much fun, and it’s harder than usual to stay on track .This is “brain fog.” Not a sharp cookie now!

Our bodies are our most valuable resource in our business.

The dreaded sick day is a mild to moderate disaster to an entrepreneur.

Eating is an opportunity to pamper our most treasured resource.

Let’s just crush this opportunity to super fuel this unique un-equaled resource.

Let’s not get hangry, vulnerable and dangerous. Be calm and nimble. You are a business ninja!

Hungry is dangerous, because you’ll eat the first empty, enticing, processed piece of trash put in front of you (such as a muffin). This kills your appetite and the opportunity to strengthen your resources is squandered. For now, you’re satisfied but an hour goes by and you’re on the prowl again.  You don’t have time to be a forager, you’ve just wasted twice the amount of time you needed to be efficient.

Often, fake or empty calories masquerade as real food. A good example of this is granola bars, “healthy” muffins, or energy drinks. Be a skeptic. Remember, what you’re consuming is the fuel for your “high performance engine.” Never miss an opportunity to be stronger.

Make effective, efficient fuel choices, just like all the other brilliant efficient decisions in your day. The right food will give you the mental edge over competitors just as surely as if you were in a physical match-up.

What food is worthy of your consideration? 

All types of nuts are good, some better than others. For example cashews contain healthier omega (brain nourishing) fats than the highly advertised almond (preferably unsalted). Some dried fruit of your choice (not sugar coated be a detective read the labels) is another great option. Mixing the two together in a sandwich baggy (A serving is about 2-3 ounces by weight) equals a mega brain energizer.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are always a good as well, but just keep track of how long it’s in your bag (it can get messy). Chopped veggies are always economically great and contain much needed water. Peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, celery or your personal favorite can be prepared ahead in baggies too.

Prepackaged servings of cheese, like cheese strings are easily opened and take up very little space. Stash them everywhere.

If you prepare enough of these snacks and keep them stored in your fridge until you are running out the door, you’ll be ahead of the game!

Preparation and access are key.

Be prepared to get hungry, and then take control of your actions when it happens. Congratulations, you are now in charge of your brain and your body.

Remember! This is one place where you can have complete control …unlike so many other things in your life and your business. Be prepared. 

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