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Suzanne-Lively01Nov. 8, 2017: Why Having it all & Finding Balance is Bullsh*t

Instead of trying to have it all, could women choose happiness instead?  - Suzanne Lively | Lively Friends 

Holly BondJuly 7, 2017: Ready to Take your Business to the Next Level? Think About Going Green

It’s never too early or late to begin thinking about a sustainability strategy. Let me help. - Holly Bond | Bullfrog Power Inc.   

DiannaRievajJune 27, 2017: Be King Queen of the CASL

Canada has some of the strongest anti-spam legislation in the world. Starting on July 1, 2017, it is going to get even tougher.  - Dianna M. Rievaj  | Highlander Law Group

Leanne StrathdeeJune 14, 2017: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective: 5 Tips to Getting Better Results

Some quick tips from our conference community to help you stay at the top of your game.  - Leanne Strathdee  | Strathdee & Co

Tina CapalboJune 8, 2017: It’s Time to Get a Video Marketing Strategy Together

The bandwagon’s rolling, and it’s building momentum quickly.  - Tina Capalbo, Social Media & Brand Storytelling Consultant Lift Communication

Maggie RossiterJune 1, 2017: I Eat Out of My Purse: Confessions of an Entrepreneurial Woman

The right food will give you the mental edge over competitors just as surely as if you were in a physical match-up. But what food is worthy of your consideration?  - Maggie Rossiter, Fitness Coach Founder of Liv it Fit

LisaHaydonApril 26, 2017: Mastering Confidence

What's the secret sauce to knowing how to show up the way we want? - Lisa Haydon, Founder, Pivotal       Coaching

b69ce2b248fa68526336a5133430364bApril 26, 2017: The Importance of Finding Your Business Niche

If someone asked you to name the one thing your company does exceptionally well, what would your answer be? - By Kim Scaravelli, Founder, Trust Communications

6755941April 3, 2017: Kickstart Your Brand

A clear value proposition is the beginning, but it doesn’t end there. - Jane Mitchell, Founder, Oyster Promo Inc.

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