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CWB Staff

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Tanya Priske

Executive Director

| Tel: 902.457.6474

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Gordia Macdonald

Business Advisor

| Tel: 902.790.2766

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Laurie Sinclair

Business Advisor

Email Laurie|Tel: 902.457.5538

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Nora Perry

Business Advisor

 | Tel: 902.457.6320 

CWB_headshots_0200 (800x534)

Michele Brayman

Office Manager

|Tel: 902.457.6449

Nasil Nam

Business Advisor

Email Nasil |Tel: 902.457.5527

Carol Ritchie

Communications Manager

Email Carol |Tel: 902.457.6522

Morgan Atwater

Membership Coordinator 

|Tel: 902.457.6271

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