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5 Stories Every Woman Entrepreneur Needs to Tell

April 17, 2014

Eleanor Beaton, Eleanor Beaton Communications, Halifax

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Storytelling has officially made its way into the dictionary of business jargon.

Every day, I hear from entrepreneurs who either feel like they should be telling their story, or have been told they need to tell their story.

The problem is that these entrepreneurs aren’t sold on why they need to do it, or how to go about it.

The why is dead easy.

Stories sell.

Telling powerful stories about who you are and what you offer builds the know + like + trust + remember factor with your prospective clients.

Stories help you sell your products and services because they position your expertise, enhance your credibility and provide powerful insight into your offerings.

But before you run off to translate your memoirs into a sales page, you have to make sure you’re sharing strategically.

Here are the five stories entrepreneurs need to tell in order to sell.

1. Your Why Story

When it comes to the business of persuasion and influence, it’s helpful to remember this simple but powerful equation:

Motivation = Inspiration

If you want to attract your ideal clients and inspire them to take action, it’s critical that you share the reason you got into this business in the first place.

Mary Kay Cosmetics is a great example of this. In her biography, Mary Kay describes how she got into business in order to create financial independence for herself and ultimately other women. This story created a powerful connection with her target market, which ultimately translated into a loyal (and beautifully made-up) following.

2. Your Credibility Story

This is quite possibly the most misunderstood of all the entrepreneur stories. Your credibility story is not your resume or the initials after your name.

Here, you want to establish the results your clients have achieved, or the system by which you help your clients achieve those results.

I might be (ahem) a talented communicator. But if I don’t have a system that YOU can implement in order to communicate better, I’m not actually helping you do anything.

3. Your Vulnerability Story

Repeat after me.

The most powerful two words in the English language are: Me too.

Marketing is all about speaking to our clients’ pain points. By sharing a story that demonstrates first-hand experience around the pain point you’re trying to solve for your client, you can establish a powerful, authentic bond.

This doesn’t have to be a soul-baring, Ricky Lake-style confessional.

For instance, if I were training you to be a more effective influencer, I might share a story about how I once struggled to get my (brilliant) ideas across simply because I didn’t understand the basics of effective persuasion.

4. Your Origin Story

Did you ever hear about the underdog? You know, the little up and comer we all root for?

When you tell the story of how you got started, you position yourself as the underdog, the little engine that could.

Humans love that stuff. We can’t help ourselves, it’s in our nature. So give us more, why don’t you?

5. Your Transformation Story

Two days ago, I bought a ticket for a flight to Toronto. I didn’t buy the plane. I bought the destination.

Too many entrepreneurs spend inordinate amounts of time describing in exquisite detail HOW they are going to deliver their solution. That’s called selling the plane.

What you want to focus on is selling the destination. What results and transformation do you offer? What transformation has your best client or customer achieved from doing business with you?

Relish the memory and then tell us the story.

Eleanor Beaton helps women entrepreneurs attract clients, boost sales and establish their expertise through unforgettable communication and storytelling. To sign up for her free, 3-part video training series on communicating with influence, visit:

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